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Upgrading Local Care Home with New Bespoke Sink Unit

Local Care home Benefits from New Bespoke Sink Unit

At CKLS, we’re dedicated to enhancing functionality and hygiene standards in local care homes. Recently, we had the privilege of partnering with a local care home to upgrade their kitchen facilities with a state-of-the-art commercial sink unit.

Our journey began with meticulous planning. We visited the care home to assess their needs and space requirements. Measuring up for the new sink unit was essential to ensure a perfect fit and optimal utilisation of the kitchen area.

Engaging closely with the team, we discussed various options, considering their workflow and preferences. Together, we determined that a bespoke sink unit would best cater to their specific requirements.

Our team ensured that the new sink unit integrated seamlessly into the kitchen space, alongside the existing passthrough dishwasher, maximizing efficiency and convenience for the staff.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects as we continue our mission to provide innovative solutions for commercial kitchen environments!